The media I use for my original paintings are oil, watercolour and acrylic they are painted on canvas and board, watercolours are painted on cotton watercolour paper. I paint mostly in my studio from photographs and sketches.

I like to present my pictures in a frame which you can select to suit your own taste.

There are a few originals that I have had put in print, ask for detail.

I have selected a range of pictures that shows my work. I can’t show all my pictures on my internet site. Most of the pictures are for sale, but if the one you want has sold you can commission me to paint another. This can be painted to your size and colour.

A lot of my work is commission based, and is usually for a special occasion that is coming up, retirement, weddings, places of interest etc., and I have painted some peculiar scenes for people over the years, there is no limit, don’t be afraid to ask.

I do like to use my imagination both to alter form and colour in my paintings; I think the galleries portray this.